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Roofing Maintenance

Today I want to talk about roof maintenance. Moss, debris and the Sun (ultra-violets) can all cause leaks and premature failure of your roof and gutters.

· Moss can have multiple effects on your roofs ability to shed water and your roofs longevity. When moss builds up heavy on a roof it causes damming which disrupts the natural downward flow of water. Most roofing has laps both horizontally and vertically. When the water is dammed and caused to flow horizontally, the water can then enter these vertical laps and cause leakage into your home.

On composition roofs moss can cause shingles to lift and break the seal at horizontal laps, resulting in easy blow offs and leakage.

We do not recommend pressure washing your roof as doing so will result in granular loss. These granules are what protect the asphalt in your shingles from the very harmful UV rays of the sun.

· Debris left on your roof can contribute to leakage and damage to your gutters. Debris, especially in valleys, behind vents, and other penetrations on your roof are one of the main causes of leaks through roofs today. Again, water flowing horizontally on your roof as a result of damming can cause leakage. Debris left in gutters can clog the drains, resulting in excessive weight in your gutters, potentially resulting in your gutters falling off your home. It is very important to have debris cleaned from your roof regularly, especially after the Fall.

· The sun can cause a lot of damage to your home. Many of the accessories in your roof system today, fall victim to ultra violet rays. Cracking of vents and splitting of neoprene flashings are a major cause of roof leaks which result from sun damage. We recommend having your roof inspected by a professional annually, especially in the Fall before your winter rains set in.

Here is a link to useful information we found with ARMA (Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association) regarding moss.

These are just a few of the effects of moss, debris and ultra violet rays. We recommend having your roof cleaned and inspected at least annually. Want to make a comment or discuss these matters in further depth? Drop us a line and don’t forget to include your name if you want to be recognized for your input.

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